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June 2022

Updated: Jun 23, 2022


Welcome to my first blog post. I want to show you what I am in the middle of working to complete. Since mid-June, I have three horse (acrylic) paintings being created and more practice and experimental art on the side.

The Three Wise Horses

My principal work right now is three acrylic horse paintings, each in a little different style. The first is The Bay abstract in the first photo that is hanging on the wall. The second is the Buckskin running with an Indigenous theme and the final one is the gray with a blast of orange in the second photo.

Bay Abstract

The Bay abstract painting (1st photo on the wall) is going to be a very impressionistic impasto style painting. I am using very heavy acrylic paints and modeling paste to thicken and show a lot of texture. The photo I am using for reference is a photo that I took of my very favorite horse named 'Dante'. He was simply looking back at me while I was taking the photo as if to say, "What are you doing"? The colors I am using are burnt sienna, red sienna, gold, pale pink, titanium white, milky white, and panes gray. I love, love, love using Paynes gray and you will see it in a lot of my paintings. This painting is on a 30"X30"X2" gallery wrapped canvas.

Indigenous Buckskin

The Indigenous Buckskin was a photo reference from a friend of mine who has a knack for great action shots and she breeds and shows Appaloosa horses. The reference photo was actually a Palomino spotless filly that she had for sale. However, I changed the color because of the desired effect of wildness. This painting has more of a mixed media feel with the added designs throughout the painting along with the horse. I am eager to see how this painting will sell in the more southwestern genre. I have used a multitude of colors in this painting while trying to keep with the southwestern indigenous theme, including Veridian (for turquoise), a multitude of reds, yellows, browns and grays. This is on a piece of 30X24X1" gallery wrapped canvas.

Gray Horse w/Sunburst Orange

The Gray horse was an idea I had to create a painting where the head and chest took up most of the area. I started with white, but moved to gray. This one is really a "Let's see what happens" painting. I want this one to be very organic in its creation, so this may change a lot before I am finished.

And More.

The "and more" part is other media that I have been trying out, some for the first time. I have used soft pastels (red tulips, landscape, & abstract) in the past, but not very much, and I wanted to know a bit more about painting with them as my first passion came from drawing. I enjoy having the feel of the product in my hand and being closer to my surface than from the length of a brush. I do believe I will continue painting with soft pastels on their own as well as mixed media paintings. The painting with the bike, window, and flowers, is pure oil pastels which I absolutely love using. However, the fact that they do not dry is a little cumbersome. I will surely use them in mixed media, but will probably only paint a full picture with them on a small card once in a while. Super fun though!

Well, that is it for now; I will continue with the three wise horses and you should see them soon on the finished 'work' page.

Bye for now.

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